About Us

NGO Resource Center Director Fred Larsson
Fredric Larsson
NGO Resource Center Project Assistant Oksana Ginchuk
Oksana Ginchuk
Project Officer
Oleksandra Buglak
Oleksandra Buglak
Project Officer
NGO Resource Center Finance Manager Oksana Kuchinska
Oksana Kuchinska
Finance Manager
NGO Resource Center volunteer Ann Merrill
Ann Merrill
Volunteer Information and Communications Manager
NGO Resource Center Advocacy Coordinator Anatolii Iagin
Anatolii Iagin
Advocacy Coordinator
Elvin the office dog
Happiness Manager and Official Greeter

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Board of Directors

  • Jonas Bylund, Senior Advisor Institutional Relations, KPMG-Ukraine Ltd.
  • Mariya Heletiy, Deputy Chief of Party, Isar Ednannia
  • Petr Base, expert in international development, humanitarian assistance, and social entrepreneurship incubation